Request to reactivate puma account ncghart and archer2 account

Dear CMS (cc: Grenville, as I think you may have received an email from ARCHER2 about my account request)

I have an puma account, I believe under the username ncghart, which was used extensively during a period as a postdoc at Uni. Reading from 2012-2015, with few accesses subsequently.

I am now in the process of setting up myself for running UM simulations under two projects:

NERC “DRY-CAB” NE/V011928/1

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship “First Rains” MR/W011379/1

Please could you guide as to how to reactivate my puma account or if that is not necessary, how to reset the password and add the ssh public key.

Many thanks

Replied to via email. Awaiting ssh key.