ssh-agent setup

Dear CMS-support,

I haven’t been able to run rose/cylc jobs on all week. Ros and I have tried a few things, but I don’t think we know what the problem is. It’s possible to do commands like: ‘ssh -n -oBatchMode=yes pwd’.

One thing which does seem strange is that whenever I restart my ssh-agent with either
eval ssh-agent -s
eval ssh-agent
it seems to work, but when I run

ps -fu marc
I find that four ssh-agent jobs are running.

My ssh-agent was down on Monday, which is why I tried to restart it. How should I restart the ssh-agent, and any ideas what might be wrong?

Thanks, Marc

Hi Marc,

Running eval ssh-agent on the command line won’t work.

Looking at your ~/.profile it looks all set up ok for starting up the ssh-agent as part of your login. Please try killing all the ssh-agent processes you have running on PUMA. Delete the file ~/.ssh/environment.puma and then log out of PUMA and back in again and you should see a message something like “Initialising new ssh-agent”. Then you can simply just run ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa_archerum and hopefully that will fix the problem.


Thanks a lot Ros, this has now worked and I’m running on ARCHER2 again! I can’t start Monday’s jobs now.

Thanks, Marc