GOML3 atmosphere initial condition

Hi all
I am running GOML3. I want to change the initial conditions of the models. I have been able do to it for the KPP model, but want to check that what I am doing is correct for the initialisation of the atmosphere.
I wanted to check that the file I have to change/use for the atmosphere is the “ainitial” file that in the General reconfiguration (in the GUI > coupled > General Reconfiguration > ainitial) or if I am getting that wrong?

Hi Paul-Arthur

pl tell us the suite id – I think you are correct, but suites can be configured strangely.


Hi Grenville
The suite is u-da383

OK -ainitial is the file that will be reconfigured to create the start file. Do you need to reconfigure each time?

Hi Grenville
Thank you. I do not think that I need to reconfigure it each time, I want to run a relatively short simulation for now (8 months), do you think that there is something I should change in the suite?

I think it should be OK