Housekeeping job-poll fails


My nesting suite is working fine now. I’m facing a bit of problem with housekeeping tasks. This task fails (job poll failed) for every other cycle and requires me to manually re-set the state or trigger to start subsequent cycles. I have followed @shakka 's post and her solution but I cant find any duplicates in my suite-add.rc file, which I can delete. Can you help me fix this please? I’m running u-dc185 and others.


Hi Sid,

As per Ella’s post, your housekeep task is running on the wrong machine. It needs to run on PUMA2.

In site/ncas-cray-ex/suite-adds.rc in the [[HOUSEKEEP]] section change host = {{HPC_HOST}} to host = localhost so it looks like this:

            host = localhost
            method = background


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Thanks Ros. I have made this change in my suite-adds.rc file and given it a go. I will give you a heads up when this works.

Best wishes

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