Request an account on PUMA

Dear CMS team,

I am writing to request an account on PUMA for running UKESM on Archer2. The required info. to be provided is below:

  • Full Name: Xin Zhou
  • Your Institution: University of Leeds
  • Email Address (Must be or
  • Preferred PUMA user id: earxzho
  • Confirm that you accept the terms of usage: Yes.
    I am now visiting Un. Leeds. My visit ends this Dec, but I will continue to collaborate with Leeds from China (and hold my Leeds account). So, all connections into PUMA will be from the Univ. Leeds network.

Best wishes,


Account created and details sent.


Hi Xin,

We are in the process of moving over to a new server, PUMA2, which is hosted at ARCHER2. I suggest you just use the new machine. Full instructions can be found here: Transition to PUMA2

Best wishes,