Request for my /work directory space to be expanded (currently 100GB)

Dear CMS team

I am leading the First Rains science team (Fran Morris, doing most of the ARCHER2 UM modelling) and am picking up more of the modelling work myself too. However, I am failing at the first hurdle as I have insufficient /work space to even complete the recon step of my simulations.

Please could my /work quota be expanded from the current 100GB it has to something similar to Fran’s (~3TB ) to enable running of large domain 2.2km configuration. However, if more is possible (~5TB ) that would be great, as I understand Fran is struggling with sufficient space to reconfigure LBCs for our simulations.

Many Thanks
(archer username: ncghart)

Hi Neil,

Quota increased.

Can you please raise tickets via the NCAS modelling helpdesk in future: I activated your account the other day.


Hi Neil

5TB it is.


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