Retriggering completed coupled task?


I am trying to restart suite u-ck832, which I am pretty sure had just completed the ‘coupled’ task for cycle point 18771201T0000Z when PUMA went down. I was running HadGEM3 and it looks like NEMO, CICE and the UM are all now at cycle point 18780101T0000Z (in the History_Data directory, I checked ck832.xhist, and CICEhist/ice.restart_file, and NEMOhist seems to have restart files for both 18771201T0000Z and 18780101T0000Z).
Can I still use rose suite-run – --warm 18771201T0000Z? Or do I need to manually reset the UM and CICE to 18771201T0000Z first according to these instructions


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Hi Rachel,

Yes, I agree with you, that the coupled task had completed cycle point 18771201T0000Z when PUMA went and so looks ready to run 18780101T0000Z cycle.

I’m going to suggest starting the suite with:

rose suite-run -- --warm 18771201T0000Z --hold

This should start up the suite at cycle point 18771201T0000Z but will show all the tasks in a “held” state. Right click on the coupled task and set its status to succeeded. Then right click on the postproc_* tasks and “Release” them.

Once they’ve all run successfully, you should be able to go to menu “control → release suite (unpause)” and all being well the pptransfer and the 18780101T0000Z coupled task should start.


Hi Ros,

Thanks, that worked.

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