Segmentation fault (174), JULES on JASMIN

I’m getting a segmentation fault when running JULES vn6.3 on JASMIN. The suite is /home/users/mo339/roses/u-co002

The error message is:

The first task “SPINUP” completes successfully, but the “MAIN_RUN” fails - although the config between the spinup and mainrun are pretty much the same.

I noticed other users have had qsat seg faults ( and, so maybe related?

Any advice is appreciated.


Hi Mike:
How many time steps does your MAIN_RUN run for?
Can you close your NETCDF output file just before the failure, and then check that output to see if any of the output variables are weird? You might need to add output variables.
Such a qsat seg fault is not uncommon, and is at least sometimes caused by ancillaries or driving data having unusual values.

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the speedy response.

I found the error - one of my ancillaries had missing data. Schoolboy error!

Thanks anyway.

That’s great news! I am glad you got it working, Mike!

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