Suggestions for debugging BICGstab "NaNs in error term"

I’m not familiar with how to use this file – as a work around until we understand how to use it, could you try changing i_rad_topography to 0 or 1

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Have tried this, but puma seems to be unresponsive at the moment. Will keep trying to log back in…

Thanks Grenville. Changing the i_rad settings to 0 seems to have helped (I had to remove stash 5 and 6, orographic gradients, to get it to work). Have now gotten past the error related to 274. Am now getting the same error about item 275 (standard deviation of topographic index)

I can’t see why any of this is necessary if it worked in u-co433. How does u-cq635 differ?

Hi Grenville. It hasn’t worked in co433, because I’m using the ‘ecmwf forecast fields’ option with co433. But using that method is resulting in the strange wind ‘blob’ over the pole that Simon found, which is why I have been trying to test the glm > LAM method. I’m also quite mystified as to why this shouldn’t work. Is there an older version of the model on Archer2 (e.g. vn11.1) that I could revert to that might not have this problem?

Hi Simon , I’m trying to get your gribfix branch to work in my suite - but can’t seem to find the directory, is this still the right filepath?


The full path is /home/simon/branches/vn12.0_gribfix on pumanew It hasn’t been checked in.

The RAS should be able to make the topographic index ancils. A heads up if you’re using RA3 yes I did have a load of issues with it, it is explicitly requested in: app/um/opt/rose-app-ra3_pack3.conf

I had to add in the file name here
and tell the name list entry the file name in the config file

You can see the modifications made in this suite I keep meaning to look through and send back to Paul!

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Thanks Simon, so does that mean I can’t use it as a source in the build? Sorry, I get super confused by fcm stuff!

Coming to my rescue again, Helen! Thanks so much - your modifications look like almost exactly what I need to do too.

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