Unable to WGDOS pack to this accuracy

RA2M_um_fcst_000 for all of the 3 nests in my vn11.9 nesting suite u-cg028 fails with the following error.

? Error code: 2
? Error from routine: WGDOS Packing (f_shum_wgdos_pack)
? Error message: Problem packing field…
? STASH: 9210
? Accuracy: -10
? Minimum: -0.1073741824E+10
? Maximum: 0.4543469816E+02
? Message: Unable to WGDOS pack to this accuracy
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 88

I found a couple of tickets for this error but couldn’t reach the solution. I followed advice for one of them and set pp0 stream unpacked. Then I got a different error saying something like number of fields exceeds the reserved header. When I change reserved_headers for pp0 from 0 to 16000 I got yet another error;

? Error code: 100
? Error from routine: EXPPXI
? Error message: Invalid item number 0
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 40

Now I set reserved_headers back to 0 but am still getting the last error.
Please can I have advice on this?


I may have found a problem…

Hi Masaru

Good - I hope it’s the solution - it’s difficult for us to follow such a fast moving target. WGDOS Packing errors come about because the data to be packed falls outside its expected bounds; that’s signifying an error in the model run (NaNs perhaps.) Switching off packing should allow the field to be written so you can examine it at least (possibly only one point is bad.) If the diagnostic is not essential, maybe it could simply be switched off.


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That might have solved the part of the issues but now the second problem I mentioned above briefly came back.

? Error code: 4
? Error from routine: STWORK
? Error message: STWORK: Number of fields exceeds reserved headers for unit 18
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 148

It says unit 18 but which one does it correspond? I currently set reserved_hearders=16000 for pp1-pp9 and 0 for pp0.

From your output file /home/d03/myosh/cylc-run/u-cg028/work/20190710T0000Z/Regn1_Brit2Port_RA2M_um_fcst_000/pe_output/umnsa.fort6.pe00, I’m guessing this is the right one but search for the same lines if not

FILE_MANAGER:          : id   : pp8
FILE_MANAGER:          : Unit :  18 (portio)
FILE_MANAGER: Assigned : Reserved unit for re-initialised stream (/home/d03/myosh/cylc-run/u-cg028/share/cycle/20190710T0000Z/Regn1/c182/RA2M/um//umnsaa_pj%N)


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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your help. I made reserved_hearders for pp8 twice larger and my suite seems to be running fine. Haven’t checked the results but I’m at least at the next stage!