Access to run UM on monsoon2


I have just started a project at the University of Leeds. We will be using the UM and plan to run it on monsoon2.

If you are the people I need to talk to, please can you let me know what steps I need to follow to get access etc?

To complicate things (or not?!) I previously used monsoon for running the Met Office LEM / MONC so maybe have a username already? My old monsoon username was rherbe. I do not know if this is the same username for access to the other systems (like MOSRS etc).

Happy to supply any information you need

Ross Herbert
Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
University of Leeds

Hi Ross,

Do you have access to the Met Office Science Repository Service? If so there is information on there about how to get access to Monsoon2, Applying for a new project and requesting user accounts, etc

If not please contact the Monsoon2 team who will be able to help you: