Adding new diagnostics to UKCA

I am currently adding some diagnostics to the asad_flux_dat.F90 code in vn11.1. When trying to add the reactions:
COS + O(3P) - CO + SO2 and COS + photon - CO + SO2, I receive a ‘RXN NOT FOUND’ error in atmos main, however, these reactions are present within the ukca_chem_master.F90 file so I am confused as to why they are not being allowed to be output! Have you seen this error before?


Hi Hannah,

Could you commit your changes and point me to your branch?

This message will crop up if there are any string differences between how you list the reactions in asad_flux_dat and ukca_chem_master. Possible reasons for these differences could be coming from:

  1. Extra or missing spaces in species definitions. These should be exactly 10 characters including spaces
  2. Changes of case
  3. Accidentally using a zero instead of a letter O
  4. Accidentally using a tab instead of a space
  5. Check that the number of reactants+products has been correctly specified for the definition in asad_flux_dat - if this is incorrect it will either miss a product or perhaps include a blank product
  6. Are these reactions in the mechanism for this chemistry scheme at this version? You can check the pe000 file in the atmos_main/pe_output directory within your suite’s work directory to see a full listing of the mechanism

Best wishes,

Hi Luke,

Thanks! I think the issue is that the reactions are in strattrop but needed the aerosol scheme on so weren’t in the actual mechanism! I hadn’t realised they needed to be present to output them as I could see other diagnostics for reactions which aren’t occurring (CS2 + OH for example).

Best wishes,