Broken module in UM vn11.4 coupled suite

Hi, I am modifying the suite u-cf309 (regional coupled suite, run by Emma Howard pre-ARCHER2 OS upgrade) to work on the current ARCHER2 system (new suite u-dd778). I am getting the following “broken module” error during task fcm_make2_um:

[FAIL] ftn -oo/f_shum_thread_utils_mod.o -c -I./include -s default64 -e m -J ./include -I/work/y07/shared/umshared/gcom/cce10.0.3/gcom7.1/archer2_cray_mpp/build/include -I/work/n02/n02/emmah/eccodes/bin/include -O2 -Ovector1 -hfp0 -hflex_mp=strict -h omp /mnt/lustre/a2fs-work2/work/n02/n02/dship/cylc-run/u-dd778/share/fcm_make_um/extract/shumlib/shum_thread_utils/src/f_shum_thread_utils.f90 # rc=2
[FAIL] Alias and aliasee types should match!
[FAIL] i64 ()* @f_shum_threadID.56
[FAIL] LLVM ERROR: Broken module found, compilation aborted!
[FAIL] ftn-2116 ftn: INTERNAL
[FAIL] “/opt/cray/pe/cce/15.0.0/cce/x86_64/bin/optcg” was terminated due to receipt of signal 06: Aborted (core dumped).
[FAIL] compile 0.3 ! f_shum_thread_utils_mod.o ← shumlib/shum_thread_utils/src/f_shum_thread_utils.f90
[FAIL] ftn -oo/getobs_mod.o -c -I./include -s default64 -e m -J ./include -I/work/y07/shared/umshared/gcom/cce10.0.3/gcom7.1/archer2_cray_mpp/build/include -I/work/n02/n02/emmah/eccodes/bin/include -O2 -Ovector1 -hfp0 -hflex_mp=strict -h omp /work/n02/n02/dship/cylc-run/u-dd778/share/fcm_make_um/preprocess-atmos/src/um/src/atmosphere/AC_assimilation/getobs.F90 # rc=1
[FAIL] ftn-855 ftn: ERROR GETOBS_MOD, File = …/…/…/…/…/share/fcm_make_um/preprocess-atmos/src/um/src/atmosphere/AC_assimilation/getobs.F90, Line = 27, Column = 8
[FAIL] The compiler has detected errors in module “GETOBS_MOD”. No module information file will be created for this module.
[FAIL] ftn-922 ftn: ERROR GETOBS, File = …/…/…/…/…/share/fcm_make_um/preprocess-atmos/src/um/src/atmosphere/AC_assimilation/getobs.F90, Line = 72, Column = 12
[FAIL] “INT” has been use associated, therefore it must not be redeclared with the INTEGER attribute.
[FAIL] Cray Fortran : Version 15.0.0 (20221026200610_324a8e7de6a18594c06a0ee5d8c0eda2109c6ac6)
[FAIL] Cray Fortran : Compile time: 0.0318 seconds
[FAIL] Cray Fortran : 172 source lines
[FAIL] Cray Fortran : 2 errors, 0 warnings, 0 other messages, 0 ansi
[FAIL] Cray Fortran : “explain ftn-message number” gives more information about each message.
[FAIL] compile 0.2 ! getobs_mod.o ← um/src/atmosphere/AC_assimilation/getobs.F90
[FAIL] ! F_SHUM_THREAD_UTILS_MOD.mod: depends on failed target: f_shum_thread_utils_mod.o
[FAIL] ! GETOBS_MOD.mod : depends on failed target: getobs_mod.o
[FAIL] ! f_shum_thread_utils_mod.o: update task failed
[FAIL] ! getobs_mod.o : update task failed

[FAIL] fcm make -C /work/n02/n02/dship/cylc-run/u-dd778/share/fcm_make_um -n 2 -j 6 --ignore-lock # return-code=2
2024-02-23T17:16:48Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

Running > find -type f -name “*” | xargs grep -i -l “cce10” in my roses/u-dd778 directoy on PUMA2 returns no results. I have tried changing the the config_root_path in fcm_make_um/rose-app.conf to fcm:um.x-br/dev/simonwilson/vn11.4_archer2_compile, but then fcm_make_um fails with the following error:

[FAIL] build-atmos.prop{fc.flags}[um/src/control/misc/thread_utils.F90] = -s defau
lt64 -e m -J ./include -I/work/y07/sha
red/umshared/gcom/cce15.0.0/gcom7.1/archer2_ex_cce_mpp/build/include -O0 -Ovector0
-hfp0 -hflex_mp=strict -h omp: bad name-space

[FAIL] fcm make -C /work/n02/n02/dship/cylc-run/u-dd778/share/fcm_make_um -n 2 -j
6 --ignore-lock # return-code=2
2024-02-23T16:45:49Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

Any help getting to the bottom of this would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Hi, I fixed the above error but am now getting multiple errors of the form:

[FAIL] UKCA_CSPECIES.mod: same target from [ukca/src/science/core/chemistry/ukca_cspecies.F90, um/src/atmosphere/UKCA/ukca_cspecies.F90]

Could you help me diagnose this please? It looks like some sort of conflict between two (possibly optional?) sources, but I can’t work out where.

Many thanks,

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