BUFFOUT: Write Failed: Disk quota exceeded

Dear CMS team,

My suite (u-co441; UM vn10.7, NEMO vn3.6) runs on the ARCHER2, but I got the an error due to “Disk quota exceeded”.
Although I had already deleted unnecessary files, it does not work well. How can I fix the issue?

The error is:

BUFFOUT: Write Failed: Disk quota exceeded

FLUSH_UNIT_BUFFER: Error Flushing Buffered Data on PE 0
FLUSH_UNIT_BUFFER: Status is 1.0
FLUSH_UNIT_BUFFER: Length Requested was 524288
FLUSH_UNIT_BUFFER: Length written was 1024

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
? Error code: 1
? Error from routine: portio2a:flush_unit_buffer
? Error message: Failed in output_buffer()
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 319


Hi Kenji

Your quota has been increased to 10TB. Please note that ARCHER /work disc is not suitable as a long-term data store.


Hi Grenville,

I appreciate your assistance. I also deleted several old folders in my archive directory just now.