Cis tools on ARCHER2


My suite ‘u-cm987’ fails on the ‘flight_track_sim’ task because the ‘iris’ library is not available.

I sought help from archer2 admin and they confirmed my miniconda3 environment is set up correctly.

I also ran the command:
conda install -c conda-forge cis
to make the python ‘iris’ library available.

The first line of the associated python script is

This would be far easier if iris were commonly available. But, since it’s not could you please explain how I could make sure the task sees the correct miniconda environment?

Thanks very much,


Hi Leighton,

Try setting the PYTHONPATH for the task to point to your miniconda3. At the moment you’re still loading the cray-python 3 environment for the task.

A central IRIS install is on our list of todos.


Hi Ros,

I’m not sure if I’ve implemented your suggestion correctly.

I changed the PYTHONPATH for this task in my archer2.rc file to be

Is that what you meant?

I reran with that chage and iris is still not visible.



Try using #!/work/y07/shared/umshared/iris/python at the start of your script.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the suggestion. Is this a test version of a shared iris library?

The flight_track_sim task now crashes with multiple errors related to missing python functionality. It doesn’t seem to be able to import, try or use loops.



Hi Leighton,

It’s iris 2.3.0

Unfortunately there is an issue with my previous answer, try
#!/usr/bin/env python_iris

And, if you have the pre_scipt option set in the FLIGHT_TRACK_RESOURCE config in site/archer2.rc, please remove it.