Install python packages on Archer2

Hi, I want to do data analysis using iris python package. But I can’t import iris in python directly on archer2. As it seems that there isn’t anaconda module on archer2, I don’t know how to install python packages like iris.

Could you please tell me other ways to install python packages or load the anaconda module or should I use other system like Jasmin to do data analysis?

Many thanks,

Doing data analysis on JASMIN is a good idea in many cases - you can work interactively on the many sci nodes, for e.g., and the queues will be more reasonable for batch jobs.

If you want packages on ARCHER2, you can get them. See the advice here: Using Python - ARCHER2 User Documentation

and you can download a tar of miniconda and make your own if you’d like to use conda.
Find the option that best suits you,

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