CMORising UM output


Are there any available tools for CMORising UM output? I’m starting to post-process some of my long simulation outputs and need to make them CF-compliant and suitable for upload to ESGF. Do you know if anyone has developed any code or tools to do this, or should I start from scratch with something like iris or cf-python?


Hi Ella,
I’m not able to help specifically with UM outputs but I can advise for general CMORisation.
CDDS is your best bet - it works on most things though I don’t know for certain whether it works on UM.
I can’t send attachments through here but there are some guide documents lying around. I can see if I can find some for you, if that would be helpful.

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In fact, ignore the doubt about the UM. Got my models mixed around.
CDDS is the way to go.

Hi George, thanks for this. If you could send me some links and docs to get me started, that would be super helpful - thanks!

Apologies for the formatting here - seems we can only upload images and I’m only allowed to do one at a time.
I’ll see if there’s a better way to send over a 9 page pdf somewhere…
This is the best starting point - the harder part is getting a copy of CDDS. The information attached will be incorrect for that, though the procedures once acquired are the same. You might need to talk to someone in the Met Office, since they’re a bit protective of it.

edit here: it looks like the amount I can actually send is quite limited. There must be an easier way to send things over.

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