Failure in postproc_nemo

Dear NCAS helpdesk,

My suite u-cn949 failed yesterday at task 20230801T0000Z postproc_nemo.
cylc-run/u-cn949/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist/archive_ready contains all the files I expect (the same file types as /work/n02/n02/radiam24/archive/u-cn949/20220801T0000Z/nemo_cn949o*). Am I ok to manually transfer everything from archive_ready to the archive, set postproc_nemo to succeeded, and continue running the suite? Or is there likely a bigger issue here.

In cylc-run/u-cn949/log/job/20230801T0000Z/postproc_nemo/02/job.err:

[WARN] [SUBPROCESS]: Command: ncdump -hs /work/n02/n02/radiam24/cylc-run/u-cn949/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist/archive_ready/nemo_cn949o_1m_20230801-20230
[SUBPROCESS]: Error = 1:
ncdump: /work/n02/n02/radiam24/cylc-run/u-cn949/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist/archive_ready/ /work/n02/n
02/radiam24/cylc-run/u-cn949/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist/archive_ready/ NetCDF: HDF error

[ERROR] ncdump: Command failed:
ncdump: /work/n02/n02/radiam24/cylc-run/u-cn949/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist/archive_ready/ /work/n02/n02/radia
m24/cylc-run/u-cn949/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist/archive_ready/ NetCDF: HDF error

[FAIL] Command Terminated
[FAIL] Terminating PostProc…
[FAIL] nemo <<‘STDIN
[FAIL] ‘STDIN’ # return-code=1
2022-05-24T16:39:50Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

Also - u-cm087 failed at the same time in 19421101T0000Z: postproc_nemo with a very similar error.

Best wishes,


Hi Rachel,

I’m not sure what’s happened, the postproc had problems doing the nccopy at the first attempt. It looks to me like the is corrupted - it’s only 96MB and I’d expect it to be 111MB - I get errors trying to read it with multiple tools.



Thanks, I’ll restart the model from that step to regenerate those files.

Best wishes,