Finding restart dump file?

Hi all,

Very simple task. I can’t seem to find restart dump files for u-da559.

I’ve checked /work/n02/n02/jostal/cylc-run/u-da559/share/cycle/20210415T0000Z/glm/um but no luck. I’m hoping on running the nested config. for an additional 48 hours.

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Have a look in the housekeeping log files - I see

delete: share/cycle/20210415T0000Z/glm/um/umglaa_da078

is that the problem?


Oh no! Clearly it’s been deleted. How can I stop this happening?


It’s a shame I didn’t notice the following lines in suite.rc:

 {% if FREE_RUN %}
     {# This extra housekeeping task deletes the final dump of the last
     CRUN of the last cycle when in free-running mode #}
    inherit = HOUSEKEEP
        CYCLE_OFFSET    = {{CYCLE_PREV}}
        HK_CYCLE      = -PT0H
        ROSE_TASK_APP = housekeep
{% endif %}

I will comment these out and hope da files are not deleted when finishing next simulation.


have a look in the housekeeping task - you probably want to change this:


or what you found