Restarting a Suite

Dear Helpdesk,

If possible, could you explain how to start a suite running again after its previous cycle has finished?

I want to restart suite u-df326 which has already completed a 25 yr run. I want to begin the next 25 years using the last dump (df326a.da18750101_00) but I’m not sure of the easiest way to do this.

I know that I can change the AINITIAL file settings in the rose GUI and adjust the ancils to remove time-invariant fields that were just initialised in the original start dump, but I was curious if there was a faster way? The rose suite-run commands seem to only apply to suites currently running.

Any advice would be appreciated thank you!

Alfred Wilson

Hi Alfred,

You can simply extend the run length out another 25years and do a rose suite-run --restart and the suite will continue on from where it left off.


Hi Ros,

Thank you! That part about extending the run time in the GUI didn’t quite make sense to me before so that’s really helpful. I’ve done as you suggested and the suite is running again from where it left off.

Thanks again,