Freeze when trying to cache password

Dear Helpdesk,

I’ve been running JULES on cylc1 no problem until today when I tried to login again it stuck at the cacheing password stage. I tried to reset everything according to the wiki page however no use. I just froze at this stage. Could you take a look at this problem. Thanks.

Hi Wenyao
JASMIN has had some difficulties this week. Did you get the emails about it? Maybe your problems are related to these difficulties?

The JASMIN status page shows that there are problems with the /apps/jasmin filesystem:
This is where Cylc, Rose & FCM are installed so nothing is going to work on cylc1 until this problem is resolved.

Thanks for sharing this info. I have seen this service update on the CEDA website but not exactly sure if it’s related. I will see if this goes back to normal after the problem is fixed.