GOML3 Suite, command not found

Hi all
I am trying to run a suite of MetUM-GOML3 (u-cy150), but I am having an issue when running the recon task, which is returning the following error message:
“/bin/sh: um-recon: command not found”
Do you have an idea of how to solve that?

Hi Paul-Arthur,

It looks like the suite has not run the fcm_make_um and fcm_make2_um tasks which build the recon and UM executables.

If you have held those tasks, release them and it should be OK. It needs to run the fcm_make_um one first.

Otherwise you could just try re-running the suite from scratch. It looks like your suite is a copy of my latest version of u-cb431 so it should just work.


Hi Annette
Thank you very much. Running fcm_make_um and fcm_make2_um before running recon solved the problem. The model is running!