JASMIN suite stopped with 'submit failed'

When I do this:
cd ~/roses/u-ci266
rose sgc

The GUI appears for suite u-ci266. However, it is blank so I cannot re-trigger it. It has a message at the end saying “stopped with submit-failed”.

When I do this:
cd /work/scratch-pw/nmc/u-ci266

I see the suite has stopped after spin-up 21 of 50 and created the dump file:

However, I want it to continue to spin-up cycle 22. How can I re-trigger this suite now?

When I do this:
rose suite-run --restart
I get the following message:
Try “cylc stop ‘u-ci266’” first?

However, I think if I stop the suite first, I may need to start again from the start.

When I do this:
rose suite-restart
The GUI appears and I can re-trigger from the GUI


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