Stopped with 'submitted'?

My suite u-cj666 had run for some time before one of the fcst processes stopped and its status was shown as ‘retrying’. When I retriggered that process to run, sgc window whited out like this.

It says stopped with ‘submitted’… What happened?

I don’t seem to be able to restart the run. I thought maybe this is just an issue with sgc and tried to open another sgc window, but it failed saying the suite is not running…

How do I restart the run?


I don’t know what happened. In the suite directory, try

rose suite-restart


HI Grenville,
When I tried it I got this;

myosh@xcslc0:u-cj666 $ rose suite-restart
[FAIL] cylc restart u-cj666 # return-code=1, stderr=
[FAIL] /home/d03/myosh/.bash_profile: line 14: /home/d03/myosh/.ssh/ssh-setup: No such file or directory
[FAIL] Traceback (most recent call last):
[FAIL] File “/common/fcm/cylc-7.8.7/bin/cylc-restart”, line 25, in
[FAIL] main(is_restart=True)
[FAIL] File “/common/fcm/cylc-7.8.7/lib/cylc/”, line 134, in main
[FAIL] scheduler.start()
[FAIL] File “/common/fcm/cylc-7.8.7/lib/cylc/”, line 242, in start
[FAIL] self.suite_db_mgr.restart_upgrade()
[FAIL] File “/common/fcm/cylc-7.8.7/lib/cylc/”, line 526, in restart_upgrade
[FAIL] pri_dao.vacuum()
[FAIL] File “/common/fcm/cylc-7.8.7/lib/cylc/”, line 1031, in vacuum
[FAIL] return self.connect().execute(“VACUUM”)
[FAIL] sqlite3.OperationalError: disk I/O error
[FAIL] ERROR: command terminated by signal 1: ssh -oBatchMode=yes -oConnectTimeout=8 -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -n xcslc1 env CYLC_VERSION=7.8.7 bash --login -c ‘’"’"‘exec “$0” “$@”’"’"’’ cylc restart u-cj666 --host=localhost

But my other runs were also stopped after that. So I guess this is an issue with Monsoon or my account…?

It may be related to “MASS Planned Outage Wednesday 24th November 10:00-12:00 BST”, although it’s already 1pm and archiving should not be critical for model run?


Now it looks like disk quota in /scratch . So this problem appears to be resolved. Thanks.

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