KPP-coupled run failure

Hi, I am trying to get suite u-da133 running on ARCHER2. This is a ~12km LAM running with GA7 parametrized convection and coupled to the KPP mixed-layer ocean model (a copy of suite u-cf309). The suite is currently failing while running the model (task tm_ga7_um_fcst1); however the process does not actually exit with an error, rather it continues “running” until timeout. The final entries in job.out are:

KPP : Calling prism_terminate_proto(ierror)
KPP : Called prism_terminate_proto(ierror)

and in job.err are:

No such file or directory
---- End of the KPP integration ----

both of which are output after ~1min of wall clock runtime.

However there is no output saying what file/directory was attempting to be accessed/read. The pe_output directory is empty.

Would you be able to help me diagnose the error?


Hi Dan

I had a look at the KPP input files specified in 3D_ocn.nml. You have l_fcorr_withz=.true., so I think it will try to read this file which does not exist:


Hope this helps,


Ah, thank you! I’d changed sfcorrin_file to use HS_corrections_leap but missed fcorrin_file.

Hi Annette,

I’m now getting another error:

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
? Error code: 102
? Error from routine: INITIAL_4A
? Error message: INITDUMP: Wrong no of atmos prognostic fields
? Error from processor: 31
? Error number: 72

Any idea how I might fix this?

Hi Dan,

Have you run the reconfiguration? That should usually make sure all the right fields are in the start dump.


Hi Annette,

To double-check, I’ve just done a clean re-run of the suite and can confirm it’s now working. Thank you for your help!


Hi Dan,

That’s great. I am just going to close this ticket so we can keep track of ongoing issues.


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