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Sorry for such a simple question.

I have my own local copy of a suite (suite A) that I’ve been developing, saving and running. I want to make a new copy (suite B) of this that I can work on going forward. however, when I copy it, the new suite is a copy of the original suite (suite O) I copied that is not owned by me. i think this is because the suite A is only local.

How to I properly save a suite so I can copy it?

I tried fcm committing in the suite directory, however it warned I was committing to trunk,so I cancelled. Have I got to make a branch in order to commit the suite?

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Hi Declan:
Since you aren’t the owner or otherwise authorized, you don’t have the privilege to commit to the trunk. So, yes, you need to make a branch to commit the suite. The simplest way to make a branch is to do a rosie copy orig-suite-num, where you put the suite number that you want to copy. A new suite number will be chosen for you.

Hi Patrick, thank you for your reply. I’m not sure this has addressed my issue, though I may not have explained myself well enough.

Where I’m at now…
I ran “rosie copy u-co570” to get my version of the suite as you said. this seems to have just done what I’d originally done in the Rosie GUI. Still all I have is a local suite that I’ve edited (u-cq558). When I copy this suite so as to develop it as a new suite, the copy is of u-co570, not u-cq558. I presume this is because u-cq558 is a local copy. Do you see my issue?

Hi Declan,

What you are seeing is as expected - the warning about committing to the trunk is normal. Every suite has a trunk and it is this that you will be committing to. When you are asked to confirm if you wish to commit your changes just say yes (y). You will then be able to copy your suite u-cq558 to a new suite including the changes you will have committed.

When you copy a suite either in the rosie go GUI or on the command line with rosie copy <suitex> this copies to a new suite id and makes you the owner of it. Only the suite owner can commit to the trunk unless you explicitly give permission to other users, so don’t worry that you are committing to somewhere you shouldn’t be.

Don’t worry about branches where suites are concerned, they are mainly used when more that one person is developing the same suiteid.


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Hi Declan:
I tried sending this yesterday, but I had a problem sending it.
Once you do a rosie copy u-co570, this will create a new copy of the suite u-co570 with the suite number new-suite-num. This will also change the owner from paulfield to yourself, so that you can edit it and commit changes to it. After you have done that, you can make the same changes to new-suite-num as you did when you made u-cq558 from u-co570. Then you can commit the changes to new-suite-num. Does this answer your question? Or am I missing something?

Patrick McGuire

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