Replicating runs

I have suite that I wish to run several times, concurrently. I’ll be doing this repeatedly using the same suite… The differences will arise at run time by use of a pre-model script.
I will be creating runs in sets, depending on previous results.

If I use rosie copy… for each instance then I clutter the repository with identical jobs.

So I looked to use rosie checkout, but that does not let me define a new local identity for a suite,
If one exists in the default locations it fails to do a new checkout.
(I hoped to do “rosie checkout u-cl132 mycopy1” and then cd mycopy1; rose suite-run.)

So I tried using svn co … to get a suite into a new working directory, as a subdirectory of /home/$USER/roses. However the local processing first step fails to complete when I try the suite-run.

Please can you guide me how to accomplish this?

The next question will be how can I make these copies of a suite all use the same executable?.. so I’d first run a suite as usual to compile and build and run the model. Then have all the copies use the same executable.

Maybe the answer is “use an ensemble suite for each set of runs” - is there an example I can follow for use initially with my simple rose suite, then with UKESM?


Ensemble suites are down to individual users - maybe try u-bq981 (I’ve not run this)


Thanks Grenville

Is it the case that
svn co <SUITE_URL>. mylocaldir
to get what appears to be a local working suite can’t be expected to work? (Or indeed a local copy to make a new roses/ and run in that.)

Assuming I’ve understood you correctly, you can call the working suite directory whatever you like as long as it is under ~/roses. See under my /home/ros/roses.


Hi Ros

I see you have five u-as037-* directories, May I ask if you made them all from u-as037 then how did you do so? Can you run “rose suite-run” in them all concurrently if you were so inclined?
(in old UM one couldnt copy job directories and change job names without a lot fo faff… if job naming comes from the roses/ subdirectory name that’d be beautiful)


They’re probably just local copies renamed - I do that all the time for testing…

They can all be run like any suite.


Yes, exactly as Grenville says I just did a cp u-as037 u-as037-blah. Yes they can all be run concurrently using the usual rose suite-run and will take their name from the roses/

Thanks for help above: its good to know that I can simply copy a suite then build and run it.

May I ask: can I build a model, then copy its suite and use the initial executable in the copy?
So a new copy of a UKESM suite could avoid the build and use already built executables?

My intention is to modify a few parameters that are held in namelists before each model is then run.


Yes - just copy the …/share/fcm_make_um directory around on ARCHER - it’ll look for the exe in fcm_make_um/build_atmos/bin (& maybe other things in there too)

(switch off the build for the clones)


opps - and the same for the ocean

and the drivers