Met Office Documentation

This used to be a really useful link as it contained all the various UM documentation papers:

But it has disappeared! Has it been moved or removed?!

e.g. I am looking for:

070 “Specification of ancillary files”
and lots of other files related to e.g. version 4.5 documentation.

Huge thanks!

Hi Dan,

For reasons I won’t go into on here, when we moved to the new website the 4.5 docs were removed and haven’t been brought back yet. All the current docs are available from MOSRS;
when JASMIN comes back up I will send you a copy of the 4.5 doc you are looking for.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for this - I do actually have a copy of that document, but want to be able to point my students and postdocs etc. to all the documentation. It would be great if they were openly available, not just behind the MOSRS wall. Thanks!