MOSRS username

Hi Ros,
I have my MOSRS account but the username (ruthmugford) is different from my PUMA log in and it’s causing problems when I’m trying to get things working in rose. Would it be possible to request an account with username bk21486 please? I hope you are the correct person to ask about this. Thank you very much for your help.
Best wishes,

Hi Ruth

I don’t think any MOSRS account names are the same as PUMA names - what’s the specific problem?


Hi Ros and Grenville,
Thank you both very much for your quick replies.

I was getting the error
“Error: Please configure your username in ~/.subversion/servers
Run “mosrs-cache-password” to try caching your password again”

when I logged in to Puma. I tried adding username=ruthmugford, but thanks for giving me the rest of what I needed to add Ros - the error has now disappeared when I added the lines you suggested to the .subversion/servers. However, I get the following error:

First time use: enter your password again
svn: E000111: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘
svn: E000111: Error running context: Connection refused
Error: Subversion access failed
Run “mosrs-cache-password” to try caching your password again

and I tried running “mosrs-cache-password” and entering my password but this doesn’t work. Sorry, I thought having the same username might help, but there must be something else going on. I’ve been following these instructions:

and I’m trying to set up Rose to send jobs from PUMA to Archer2.

Thanks for any advice on this new error (above).
Best wishes,

Hi Ruth,

The MOSRS service is down today from 9am for up to 24 hours while it is migrated to a new system. You should have had an email about the upgrade work.


Hi Ros,
Ok, thanks for reminding me about this, I’ll try again tomorrow.
Best wishes,