Mule-convpp creating files of size 0 megabytes

mule-convpp creating files of size 0 megabytes

I am trying to convert UM output files into pp files on Monsoon using mule-convpp from the um_tools/2022.07.1/no-openmp module. However the resulting output files have size 0MB and iris.load() in python confirms there are no cubes in the converted pp file.

The suite I am using is u-bw256 by David Jackson running UM version 11.6. I have tried including the version information in the mule-convpp --stashmaster option but this has had no effect. (Should this be --stashmaster 11.6 or --stashmaster '11.6'?)

My gut instinct tells me the original UM output files are either of a different format from what I’m expecting (I am struggling to understand the naming system of the outputs in the suite) or have somehow been corrupt after the UM simulation crashed. But I am unsure with how to proceed in solving this issue.

The files can be found in

Any help would be great!


bw256a.pl20000911 is empty, as is bw256a.pa20000911 (I think all the files are empty)

Maybe check the STASH settings for the suite.