Strange/corrupted astart file

Hello, the suite I’ve been using to produce polar ancils, u-co447, has been running fine until this week. It’s started producing very weird um recon files that seem to be corrupted. I was running a few tests to get an amended domain set up but otherwise didn’t change anything. Now, seemingly regardless of the coordinates I choose it produces files with multiple entries for the same variable which all contain junk data, e.g.:

The file is cylc-run/u-co447/share/cycle/20160801T1200Z/Antarctic_RACMO/12km/RA3/ics/RA3_astart

I have tried cleaning and rebuilding the suite, but this hasn’t worked either. Can you suggest anything?


Are you sure you have got identical options in the GUI to the version which worked previously?

Actually, if you force xconv to open the file as a “byte swapped 64 bit ieee um” file via the “Open” button at the top, then it displays OK.