My GOML3 suite failed

Hi all
I am running GOML3 on Archer2. However, one of my suites (u-db973) is not running, returning an error message. I do not know how to interpret this message,
In /home/n02/n02/pmonerie/cylc-run/u-db973/log/job/20640301T0000Z/coupled/01/job.err I have this message:
“Error code: 38
Error from routine: UKCA_MAIN
Error message: Some item addresses not found in D1 array
Error from processor: 191
Error number: 11”

Looking at job.out (/home/n02/n02/pmonerie/cylc-run/u-db973/log/job/20640301T0000Z/coupled/01/job.out) I can see that I am having negative temperature in Kelvin, and was wondering if that could be the reason why the job (coupled) is failing?



Hi Paul-Arthur

The suite has UKCA switched on but the UKCA coupling fields (in STASH) are all switched off. Switch them on with the UKCA Coupling Macro package.


Hi Grenville
Thank you! I switched the UKCA coupling field on and it solved the problem.

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