Some item addresses not found in D1 array

The process Regn1_NAtl_RA2M_um_fcst_000 in my vn11.9 nesting suite crashes with this error. Could I have any advice on this?

? Error code: 1
? Error from routine: UKCA_UM_D1_INITIALISE
? Error message: Some item addresses not found in D1 array


Forgot to include the suite ID. It is u-cg028.


Has this domain run in other versions of this suite?


I don’t think these same regional domains have ever been used in other version of the model.

However, the suite of the same version (u-cf348) ran for 6 hours with two similar domains before I added STASH requests.

That was before I found a reginal domain for which land sea mask is created correctly. So I tried running that suite again now, and it’s been running for a while.

Now it’s finished for the first nest. Some of the fields in the dump file appear to be OK.

In u-cg028, um_fcst_000 fails within a minute for all of 3 nests with the same error. The difference is the STASH requests and other changes related to them.


Have you tried making STASH and other changes incrementally to narrow down the cause of the problem.


Thank you Grenville. I created another suite and did that. And found that one of the UKCA fields was missing. After adding that the suite runs for a while until it hits another problem.

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