NEMO output in Canari Suite

I have a couple of short runs of CANARI suite (u-da465,u-da510)
They run ok, but I was expecting
:/work/n02/n02/jgrist02/cylc-run/u-da510/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist and
:/work/n02/n02/jgrist02/cylc-run/u-da4 65/share/data/History_Data/NEMOhist to contain files like:

nemo*, nemo* etc

u-da465,u-da510 are similar but have different iodef_xml files –

Could you help? - with something in the GUI or xml file to allow the grid_T files to be produced?

Many thanks,


Hi Jeremy,

There are grid_U, T & V files in the ..../share/cycle/<cycle-point> directory.



u-da465 has an old version of iodef_nemo.xml - that version does not include daily fields. u-da510 has the extra data and appropriate initial settings.

u-da465 must have been copied from a very early version of the canari suite - I am not sure what to suggest without knowing how u-da465 and u-da510 differ. It may simply be a case of copying /home/n02/n02/jgrist02/roses/u-da510/app/xml/file/iodef_nemo.xml to u-da465 and rerunning?

Please note - we have added some error trapping to …/app/xml-fix/bin/xml-fix – perhaps take a copy from u-cn134?


Thanks Ros, that’s great. Jeremy