ConfigProcessError in Rose-suite for NEMO on Monsoon

Greetings CMS,

I have created a copy of a NEMO suite on Monsoon, u-cx283, that is known to run as far as its postprocessing step. My copy of it is u-cy700, I have made no changes to the settings. When I run this suite it fails with the error message, details are noted below.

Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated.



This error message arises when I try to run the rose suite.

ConfigProcessError:file:bin/ … xxx …: bad or missing value, where xxx is the setting noted below:

  • compare_ocean_ice_output
  • compare_nemo_solver_stat

In u-cx283, I have identified that these settings are in suite_conf->file->bin/xxx, and point to a file path. These file paths are the same in my copy, u-cy700.

As noted above the original suite is known to run (insofar that there appears to be output data), and my copy is just that, i.e., a copy. So it is not clear to me what the error message is referring to - what value is bad or missing?

The rose suite outputs are at the following paths on Monsoon:
u-cy700: /projects/miscusers/amirza/cylc-run/u-cy700

u-cx283: /projects/miscusers/asommer/cylc-run/u-cx283
in the output file rose-suite-run.conf the following paths are set
It is not clear to me where these values are set within the rose-suite.

Hi Andrew,

Looking at Anna’s roses/u-cx283 directory there are changes in her suite that she hadn’t checked in. These include updating the paths to compare_ocean_ice_output and compare_nemo_solver_stat scripts amongst other things.

I suggest running an fcm status in Anna’s directory ~asommer/roses/u-cx283 and copy the modified files listed into your suite.


Hi Rosalyn,

Thank you for the tip. I copied the locally updated files to my Rose suite and compiled them on Monsoon. At the time of writing, its execution is pending available resources.

Just for this record, I note also the following which may help others when using Monsoon:

  • Any file path beginning with vld would indicate a Met Office internal user path and it prevents external users from accessing this. In this case, the user may need to contact the Monsoon support team or the original developer to request that relevant files are copied to a location that external users can access.

  • Users should anticipate their code will be useful to others and check in their code (from time to time) (see guidance in the Monsoon User Guide In this case, the user may need to contact the original developer to request that relevant files are checked-in to FCM or try the solution above.