Oom-kill error


My suite ‘u-cm987’ is suffering from an oom-kill error in the fcm_make2_um task.

I checked Monsoon to Archer2 Suite and followed advice there to increase available memory to 25Gb, but that didn’t fix this problem.

I also checked ARCHER2 Known Issues - ARCHER2 User Documentation and the top issue today is related. Copied here for later reference:

OOM due to memory leak in libfabric (Added: 2022-02-23)

There is an underlying memory leak in the version of libfabric on ARCHER2 (that comes as part of the underlying SLES operating system) which can cause jobs to fail with an OOM (Out Of Memory) error. This issue will be addressed in a future upgrade of the ARCHER2 operating system. You can workaround this issue by setting the following environment variable in your job submission scripts:


This may come with a performance penalty (though in many cases, we have not seen a noticeable performance impact).

I’m not sure where to include the suggested ‘export’ command. Does this just go into my archer2.rc file?

I’m also not sure why this suite suffers from the oom-kill error when it is a copy of a working suite ‘u-cm283’ with a minor code update.



Hi Leighton,

The fcm_make2_um failed in its latest attempt with a lock file error:

[FAIL] /work/n02/n02/lre/cylc-run/u-cm987/share/fcm_make_um/fcm-make2.lock: lock exists at the destination

Remove that lock directory on ARCHER2 and try again. Increasing the memory as you have done should fix the problem.

The memory leak only affects some compute jobs not serial jobs.


Hi Ros,

I’ll do that and hopefully remember for next time - thanks!


Hi Ros,

This suite had been running properly after your advice here. But, I ran for longer yesterday , with minor changes to a task (flight_track_sim) and that task now crashed with the oom-kill error.

I can’t see any locked directories this time. Does it make sense to increase the memory allocation for the flight_track_sim task within my site/archer2.rc file?



Hi Leighton

worth a try