Upgrading a suite to the latest UM version

Hi Torsten,

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You are trying to upgrade an N1280 suite from vn11.6 to vn13.1. We’ve advised to use the rose upgrade macros to update through each version one at a time. See: Upgrading suite to vn12.0 - #4 by dcase

Once you get to vn13.1 the fcm_make app will need a config branch. In the rose_app.conf file, set the following:


You also need to upgrade one of the code branches. To do this:

Create a new branch:

fcm bc remove_defensive_checks fcm:um.x-tr@vn13.1

Check out the branch:

fcm co fcm:um.x-br/dev/torstenauerswald/vn13.1_remove_defensive_checks
cd vn13.1_remove_defensive_checks

Merge in the vn11.6 branch and commit the changes

fcm merge fcm:um.x-br/dev/annetteosprey/vn11.6_remove_defensive_checks
fcm commit


Well I should say that before your commit the branch, check there aren’t any merge errors, and the changes have been copied in correctly!


Hi Annette,

Thanks for the suggestions. I followed your instructions and everything seemed to work. My suite is now at version 13.1 and I was able to create the branch for the defensive checks for version 13.1. However, when I try to run my suite the fcm_make2_um task fails with the following error:

slurmstepd: error: Detected 1 oom-kill event(s) in StepId=3183164.batch. Some of your processes may have been killed by the cgroup out-of-memory handler.

Since it seems to indicate that it ran out of memory I tried to change the number of tasks in archer2.rc, hoping that I would get access to more RAM. I set ntasks=4 and ROSE_TASK_N_JOBS = 4 (both were set to 1 before) in the [[HPC_SERIAL]] section.

The compilation process did run 20 min longer but then still crashed with the same error. I also did a test where I updated the suite to version 11.7 and didn’t have any problems there.

Do you have any suggestions what I could do to fix this?


Torsten, see


and search for

# Define memory required for this jobs. By default, you would 
# get just under 2 GB, but you can ask for up to 125 GB.
#SBATCH --mem=4G

We’d be interested to know what memory is required.


Thanks Grenville. That solved my problem. I tried 8 GB but it still failed with the same error. With 16 GB it worked.

The relevant part in my archer2.rc file looks like this now:

    inherit = HPC_SERIAL
        execution time limit = PT90M



After successfully compiling the UM, I faced a problem with the UM run itself. The atmos_main task runs really slow now. In vn11.7 one time step would take about 1s or so. In vn 13.1 it takes about 50s. A 1 month simulation in vn11.7 took about 4.5h (10800 time steps). With vn13.1 I completed 892 time steps in 12h.

Is there any experience with performance issues after upgrading to newer UM versions? I thought maybe some compile options need to be changed? I did make sure to set the config_root_path the way Annette suggested above. The config_revision field is empty.

I am running suite u-cv063.

I hope you can point me in the right direction.



Can we rule out ARCHER2 being very slow? Is the slow performance repeatable?


Thanks Grenville. I re-submitted the run and this time it ran at normal speed (slightly faster than in vn11.7).