Postproc branch for gridftp from Archer to Jasmin


I’d like to use gridftp to transfer files from Archer2 to Jasmin as I’ve just noticed that this has recently become possible (without parallel streams currently):

In order to get optimal performance I’d like to change the hardcoded flags to the recommendations in the jasmin link above, but I don’t think I an account on the puma svn repository to branch the postprocessing app.

Could you please either:

  • Help me get an account, or
  • Make the branch I need? The only change would be on line 268 of pp/Postprocessing/
    globus_cmd = “globus-url-copy -vb -cd -r -cc 4 -sync”
    (instead of globus_cmd = “globus-url-copy -vb -cd -p 4 --cc 4 -sync”)

Best wishes,

Forgot to say: i’m working with version 2.3 of postproc (not sure whether or not this is the latest)

Hi Emma,

I already have a branch which switches off the parallel writes. Include the following branch in your suite: fcm:moci.xm-br/dev/rosalynhatcher/postproc_2.3_pptransfer_gridftp_nopw

In case you need to create branches in the future, these are all created on the MOSRS not the local mirrored copies on PUMA which are purely read only copies used for code extraction. I think you have a MOSRS account already?


Hi Ros,

Great, thanks! Yes I do have a MOSRS account, I think I just confused myself.

Best wishes,

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