Pptransfer and postproc exceeding time limit


I’m trying to run a suite on ARCHER2 (u-cf771) but the pptransfer and postproc_atmos tasks frequently exceed the time limit and fail. Could you advise on the best settings? Does it matter whether the fcm_make2_pptransfer task inherits PPBUILD or PPTRANSFER?

Thank you very much for your help,

Hi Lauren,

Setting the time limits for pptransfer and postproc tasks varies depending on resolution, cycling frequency, etc, so it’s a bit trial and error. You only have a time limit of 30minutes set currently so I would up that to 3hours initially and see if that works better.

That’s in [[HPC_SERIAL]] section in the site/archer2.rc I think if I’ve followed the inheritance through properly.

The inheritance for the fcm_make2_pptransfer task is fine.