Pptransfer ARCHER2 archive directory: "No such file or directory" error


I have copied GA8 UM13.0 suite u-cq166 (GA8.0/GC4.0 Standard Suites) as u-ct789 and followed the necessary steps to allow for JASMIN pptransfer (Configuring PPTransfer). This suite is running without issues and archives the data to JASMIN.

I have then copied this suite and added the necessary UKCA changes (mainly to app/um). The original suite for this is u-cq018 which runs on Monsoon2 (GA7.1 StratTrop suites - UKCA).

This suite also runs, but is failing on the pptransfer task with the error

[WARN]  [SUBPROCESS]: Command: ls -A /work/n02/n02/luke/archive/u-ct792/19880901T0000Z
[SUBPROCESS]: Error = 2:
   ls: cannot access '/work/n02/n02/luke/archive/u-ct792/19880901T0000Z': No such file or directory

I’m wondering what I could have done differently between these jobs to cause this directory not to exist. I have noticed that the original GA8 job uses climate meaning whereas the UKCA version does not, instead having the postproc task produce these. The postproc version on Monsoon2 is 2.4 but it is 2.3 on ARCHER2. However, subsequently altering the postproc app to produce climate means doesn’t seem to have done anything (but this was on running a second time after the postproc settings were updated).

I should add that there are quite a few changes to STASH in the UKCA job.

Are there any suggestions as to what might be going wrong here and how to fix it?

Many thanks and best wishes,

Hi Luke,

If the first cycle hasn’t got any files to archive then the archive directory won’t exist. If that is the case just set the pptransfer task to succeeded.


H Ros,

Ah! Of course, as climate meaning is no longer being used the .pm files are a normal output stream and therefore won’t be closed off until the next job-step, and as it’s doing seasonal means they won’t be archived for a while. I do have directories appearing for October and November, but not for the first month (September).

Many thanks and best wishes,

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