Pumanew disk quota increase


I want to do a couple of runs on archer2 and my ‘pumanew’ quota is not enough to run multiple runs at the same time. Currently, I am running two jobs but I have to keep an eye on the pumanew quota and delete files from cylc-run (e.g. /home/akpandeyjnu/cylc-run/u-ct735/log.20230203T165544Z/job/ …)

I am using only 2.4G space in my pumanew home directory but after using ‘quota -s’ I am getting ~5GB used. I am copying the message below.

-bash-4.2$ pwd
-bash-4.2$ quota -s
Disk quotas for user akpandeyjnu (uid 1912):
Filesystem space quota limit grace files quota limit grace
/dev/sdb1 5074M 6348M 6934M 120k 0 0
-bash-4.2$ du -sh
2.4G .

Can you please increase my pumanew quota and point me about the differences in quota and space of the home directory?

Regards, Alok

Hi Alok,

I have increased your quota to 13GB. I’m not sure why quota and du are reporting different values. Maybe the quota system has got out of sync with the actual data used. We are moving to a new PUMA in the ARCHER2 set-up in a few months time so let’s side step this issue for the time being.