Increase PUMATEST quota


Is it possible to increase my PUMATEST quota? I’ve deleted everything I can and I’m still too close to the limit.

I was also told there is a command to prevent the cylc-run directory from being created in PUMATEST, but I couldn’t find it. If there is something like that, can you tell me, please?

Disk quotas for user luciana (uid 2237):
Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
/dev/sdb1 142724 2000000 2100000 3481 0 0

Thank you,


Hi Luciana, I have increased your pumatest quota to 6GB.

Another person from the CMS team will be able to answer your second query.


Hi Luciana,

The cylc-run directory is required as it contains the suite run/control files. Is it that you are wanting to stop log files from being pulled over from ARCHER2? If this is the case then adding (create the file if you don’t already have one) the following to the ~/.cylc/global.rc file on pumatest should stop them being retrieved.

       retrieve job logs = False


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