Rose suite cannot be killed

Hello helpdesk,

My suite (u-cq598) has remained stagnant for a few days (not running/ archiving any output) but it cannot be killed in the interactive GUI or on the command line using the ‘cylc stop u-cq598 --now --now’ command. I am running my suite on Archer2. Grateful if you could let me know if there is other possible ways to retrigger the suite.

Many thanks,

Hi May,

On puma list your processes for the suite;

ps -flu mmc70 | grep u-cq598

The processid is the number in the 4th column. Then use

kill -9 <processid>

Then try restarting the suite.

You may also need to remove the ~/cylc-run/u-cq598/.service/contact file.


Thank you Ros! I have successfully restarted the suite.


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