Hi Patrick
What should I do next to get to your files or start in CDO etc.?

Hi Anne

You can create your own directory in the landsurf_rdg group workspace.

And then you can copy one of the cdo scripts from my spmip directory in the landsurf_rdg group workspace.

You can then modify that script to point to the NETCDF input files in my spmip directory. You shouldn’t need to copy the NETCDF input files.

Then run your version of the script.


Hi Patrick,

Somehow it has thrown me out. I would not even know where to start to set these things up. Is this using unix commands?

I will study the jasmin manual in more detail.

All the best


Hi Anne
Yes. Sometimes it might throw you out. But sometimes it lets you stay for a long time.
You might have to configure your ssh a bit better. But as long as you can connect, it’s a start.

Yes, it’s using Unix/Linux commands.

So you might change directory to the landsurf_rdg GWS with:

and then you can make your own directory there with:

   mkdir $USERNAME
   mkdir $USERNAME/spmip

where you replace $USERNAME with your JASMIN login name.

You can also look at what’s in my spmip directory with:
ls -ltr /gws/nopw/j04/landsurf_rdg/pmcguire/spmip
or if you’re already in the directory /gws/nopw/j04/landsurf_rdg, then you can do:
ls -ltr pmcguire/spmip

you might see some NETCDF files and scripts when you do the ‘ls’. You can copy the latest version of the script by doing this:
cp -p /gws/nopw/j04/landsurf_rdg/pmcguire/spmip/getvar_allyears_v1c.scr $USERNAME/spmip/.

Then you can use ‘more’ to view the file:

   cd $USERNAME/spmip
   more getvar_allyears_v1c.scr

You can use ‘vi’ or ‘emacs’ (I strongly prefer ‘vi’) to edit the file.
If you don’t know vi or emacs, you might want to look up a tutorial to learn the basics of using them.
Or you can use a graphical GUI editor (e.g., nedit) , but I don’t really recommend that.
If you edit the file, you might want to change the name of it first:
cp -p getvar_allyears_v1c.scr getvar_allyears_v1d.scr
if you know how to use vi or emacs or nedit, do something like:
vi getvar_allyears_v1d.scr

And then change in that file with your editor
so that it is
or something like that.

Then you should be able to save your changes, and leave the editor,
and then run the program by:

If that doesn’t work, and if it gives a permissions error, then you might first need to
change the permissions of the file
chmod 744 getvar_allyears_v1d.scr
and then try again.

If all that works, then it should produce the European datasets for the 4 variables, like before.

Then the next step could be to modify the script so that it can take either your or my European daily datasets for the 4 variables
and do monthly averaging.

Let me know if you can go forward with this and how far you get.

Many thanks Patrick, I will give this a go