Suggestions for tutorial to run JULES FLUXNET suite u-al752

Hi Patrick,
I have a couple of suggestions for the online tutorial:

  1. It might be worth adding a link to inform users exactly what they are doing when they ‘checkout a suite’ - for example, In all honesty, before the homework you gave me to make my own suite, I really didn’t know what I was doing. It would be handy to know the difference between checking out and copying. Perhaps a note that changes won’t be committed and if they’d like to do that then copying the suite is the option for that.

  2. I noticed that in item 11 in the tutorial, it says ‘-partition = test’, for example, when it should say ‘—partition = test’ (extra -). This made a difference when I ran the suite.

Hope all is well!

Natalie Douglas

Thanks, Natalie:
I appreciate and like your suggestions. I will try to make the changes soon.

Thanks again, Natalie:
I made some changes to steps #7 and #21, to try to follow your suggestions about better explanations about checking out as opposed to copying a suite.

I made the changes you suggested about the missing double hyphens for the SLURM directives in step #11. Those double hyphens were there in the Wordpress visual editor, but they were not there in the webpage that WordPress creates. I fixed this by embedding those code snippets with <code>... </code> directives in WordPress. Thanks for pointing out this problem!

I also made a change in the scratch paths for step #10, #16, and #18. That might make the suite a bit faster.

Hi Patrick,
These changes look great, thanks!

You’re welcome, Natalie!
And thanks for the feedback!