Suite submission: Connection Timed Out Error

Hi CMS Helpdesk,

I’m trying to submit my copy (u-dc233) of u-be303, a UKESM1.0 AMIP suite for a 2-day test run. As far as I am aware I should be added to the n02-ncas reservation but when I try to run the suite I get the following connection timed out error:

[INFO] 2024-01-26T09:26:13+0000 source: /home4/home/n02-puma/ajw1g19/roses/u-dc233/suite-tests-runtime.rc
[INFO] 2024-01-26T09:26:16+0000 ssh -oBatchMode=yes -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -oConnectTimeout=8 -n env\ ROSE_VERSION=2019.01.3\ CYLC_VERSION=7.8.12\ bash\ -l\ -c\ '"$0"\ "$@"'\ rose\ suite-run\ -vv\ -n\ u-dc233\ –run=run\ –remote=uuid=6a8d9d6a-cdfe-4da5-b43c-7d8fdff05829,now-str=20240126T092612Z
ssh: connect to host port 22: connection timed out

Could you explain why the suite will not submit and what I can do to fix it?


Hi Alfred,

That suite looks like it hasn’t been updated since the move to puma2.

I think all you should need to do is edit the site/archer2.rc file and change the line:

host =


host = $(rose host-select archer2)


Hi Ros,

Thank you, that fixed the connection timed out error. I’m now getting a No Hosts Selected fail:

RosePopenError: bash -ec H=$(rose\ host-select\ archer2);\ echo\ $H # return-code=1, stderr=
[WARN] ln03: (ssh failed)
[WARN] ln04: (ssh failed)
[WARN] ln02: (ssh failed)
[WARN] ln01: (ssh failed)
[FAIL] No hosts selected

Is this another setting defined in the archer2.rc file?



Have you followed the instructions in ?


Hi Grenville and Ros,

Thank you both for your advice. On following the instructions I realised that after updating my ssh-key for archer2 I did not copy it across to puma2. In addition, my archer2 environment was also outdated. After making those changes the suite was able to submit successfully and start the test run.

Thank you both so much for your help!