Temp_Fixes Flag Warnings

I’m running UM v13 in LAM mode (suite u-cr573). I’ve noticed a number of warnings from routine ‘WARN_TEMP_FIXES’ about fixes in the code which are excluded by a given flag. An example of this is this warning:

??? WARNING ???
? Warning code: -100
? Warning from routine: WARN_TEMP_FIXES
? Warning message:
? Model run excludes ticket #47 as l_stph_rhcrit_unbias=.FALSE.
? If using Random Parameters, the RHCRIT perturbations can cause
? cloud cover biases.
? Warning from processor: 0
? Warning number: 6

Looking at Ticket 47 it seems that this fix was accepted 8 years ago, in UM v10.1. Is the warning that this fix has not been enabled still valid - should I be setting this flag in my namelist, or can I safely ignore such a warning?

Similary, for the 40+ other warnings I got like this - are they relics which can safely be ignored, or do I need to go through these all, and work out which are still relevant?