Transfer CMIP6 simulations (PI run) with HadGEM3 on MetO Cray to Monsoon2

Dear CMS helpdesk

I am quite new to Monsoon2 and I want to run the suite u-ar766/trunk (HadGEM3-GC3.1-LL PI control for CMIP6) on it, so I copied it to u-ck646. But I met several problems:

  1. In the suite conf/Machine Options, there are only two options ‘MetO Cray’ and ‘Archer’. So I followed the ticket ( to make the suite run on Monsoon2. But there is no original files ‘monsoon.rc’ and ‘monsoon_restart.rc’, so I ‘steal’ it from ‘/home/d05/mvguar/roses/u-bt694/site’, whose author raised the ticket. May I ask, do you have a better way to transfer the suite to run on Monsoon2?

  2. As I use the suite for research purposes, it is required to use the file "" to remove the metadata. However, I cannot find an equivalent of “ROSE_PYTHONPATH = ‘/home/h03/fcm/rose/lib/python’” on Monsoon2 to run this script. Therefore, the task “valid_suite_info” failed and I have to manually reset it to “succeeded” every time. Is there another better way?

  3. I modified the required initial conditions in “/home/d05/qgao/roses/u-ck646/rose-suite.conf”, e.g. CICE_INIT, NEMO_ICEBERGS_START, NEMO_START, REBUILD_NEMO_SCRIPT based on the above-mentioned suite “/home/d05/mvguar/roses/u-bt694”. But the task “recon” still failed with output here (’/home/d05/qgao/cylc-run/u-ck646/log/job/18500101T0000Z/recon/01/job.err’). The main problem is “Error message: Failed to open file /data/d01/ukcmip6/Restarts/u-aq853/aq853a.da25940101_00”. I cannot find where the suite requires this file, can you please advise?

Thanks for your time in advance. If you might need any additional information, please let me know.

Best regards, Qinggang

Hi Qinggang,

  1. Depends on the suite sometimes the meto_cray files with work with a couple of tweaks. Adding a monsoon.rc file is the recommended way to make it easy to switch between the 2 platforms.

  2. Use home/d04/fcm/rose/lib/python

  3. Did you solve this? I can’t see any run output for u-ck646.
    The directory /home/d05/qgao/cylc-run/u-ck646/log/job/18500101T0000Z/recon/01/job.err no longer exists.

    /data/d01/ukcmip6/Restarts/u-aq853/aq853a.da25940101_00 is the start dump - search for ainitial in the GUI.


Hi Ros

Thanks a lot. I solved the problem about “ainitial” through changing it in roses/u-ck646/app/um/rose-app.conf as I cannot modify it in the Rose GUI. But I still met a problem when running the model.

I copied the error message cylc-run/u-ck646/log/job/18500101T0000Z/coupled/01/job.err to ‘/home/d05/qgao/job.err’, which gives the error message as below. I am not sure where the problem is. For UM/namelist/Model Input and Output/STASH Requests and Profiles/STASH Requests, I switched on only the package ‘CMIP6-core’ and everything with use_name UPCOUP as indicated here ( But even after I switched on " CMIP6-N96HGM3" as required here: (, it still gives the same error message.

Can you please advise?

Best regards, Qinggang

??? WARNING ???
? Warning code: -30
? Warning from routine: PRELIM
? Warning message:
? Field - Section:5, Item:244 request denied.
? Unavailable to this model version.
? Warning from processor: 0
? Warning number: 60

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
? Error code: 1
? Error from routine: ST_DIAG3
? Error message: Heat Flux not on TEM pressure levels - requested pressure levels do not match, diagnostic aborted
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 61

[0] exceptions: An non-exception application exit occured.
[0] exceptions: whilst in a serial region
[0] exceptions: Task had pid=47251 on host nid01154
[0] exceptions: Program is “./atmos.exe”

Hi Qinggang,

u-ar766 was ported to Monsoon officially as u-ar930 so I would suggest you start with that. Make sure it runs first before you make your configuration changes.


Hi Ros

Thanks a lot. u-ar930 works well with some modifications.

Besides, I plan to modify the historical simulation (u-bg466) and ssp585 future scenario simulation (u-bi805) with HadGEM3-GC3.1-LL in CMIP6. However, these two suites are both designed for MetO Cray and Archer, are they officially ported to Monsoon as well? If so, can you let me know the corresponding suites? And where can I find such information about whether they are ported to Monsoon or not?

Best regards, Qinggang

Hi Qinggang,

u-bg466 and u-bi805 don’t have official Monsoon ports but since Monsoon is a portion of the Met Office XCS it’s easy to change without having to create new *.rc files.

For u-bg466 (and I think the same goes for u-bi805):
In rose-suite.conf:

  • ACCOUNT_USER=<YourMonsoonProject>
  • HOST_XC40=xcs-c
  • HPC_QUEUE=normal
  • REDISTRIBUTE_OZONE=false # Turn off ozone redistribution

In site/meto_cray.rc:

  • In [[EXTRACT_RESOURCE]] change batch system = background

At the moment I can’t locate some of the input ukcmip6 data files on Monsoon. I’ll have a bit more of a look around and if I can’t locate I’ll copy them across from the Met Office.


Hi Qinggang,

I’ve copied the start files for u-bg466 that are under ukcmip6/N96O1_ensemble1_dumps to /projects/umadmin/rhatcher/ukcmip6/N96O1_ensemble1_dumps

Similarly for u-bi805 see /projects/umadmin/rhatcher/ukcmip6/ssp585_N96O1_ensemble1_dumps