Help porting MOGREPS-G from MO Cray to Monsoon

Dear CMS Helpdesk,

I would like to port a MOGREPS-G suite that is currently set up on the MO Cray computers to Monsoon. I have been told that the MO Partnerships team cannot help with this, and they recommended I ask here. I’ve had a look at ticket #390 (which mentions porting to Monsoon), but I think my suite is sufficiently different that I will need some help porting it.

I am using suite u-co914 (copy of u-cl694/trunk@221837). There is some information about u-cl694 here:

So far, I’ve run into the following types of problem:

  1. Paths cannot be found (anything under /home, /data, /projects)
  2. fcm URLs cannot be found (e.g. fcm:da_stationlists.xm_tr/SST/ostia@1408). Note, if I switch this to fcm:da_stationlists.x-tr/SST/ostia@1408 then the fcm command mostly works (but occasionally the specific revision cannot be found).

On 1., if it is useful I could pull out a list of all the files that cannot be found on Monsoon.

Is this something that you could help with? Do you have access to the MO Cray computers to get copies of the files I need or are they available elsewhere?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Mark

I’d ask first that you approach a MO colleague to assist you in moving files between machines. Failing that, if you provide a complete list of files we can try to enlist help from Monsoon colleagues to make the transfers.

I’m guessing that there is a mirror of da_stationlists (hence the xm_tr) that is not accessible from Monsoon.


Thanks Grenville. I have a couple of contacts at the MO who should be able to help - I’ll ask them to see if they can transfer over the files.

Is there any way of finding all input files in a suite, without running the suite and looking for crashes? (It will be a bit tiresome for me to run the suite, find the missing file, then email someone at the MO to transfer that file/directory.) I tried rgrep =\/ * to find all lines like:


which there don’t seem to be too many of. However, I also thought that the path might be an env var, and

rgrep '=$' yields a whole load of files, such as:


On xm_tr, that sounds about right, but I will have to check that the file I can access is the same as the one originally intended.



I don’t know of a way to list all files used by a suite. There are a lot of apps in u–co914, will you be running them all?

Many files will be installed by the install_cold app (and apps similarly named) - maybe have a look in /home/d02/mamue/roses/u-co914/app/install_cold/rose-app.conf


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Thanks Grenville. A lot of them are installed in install_cold, and it will probably be enough to get started on if I make sure at least all of those are present. I’ll work out who is a suitable point of contact at the MO to help me with this, and try not to flood them with support requests!