Trying JULES u-as560

Hi, quick question but I’m trying to run u-as560 on JASMIN and I don’t know what my BUILD_HOST and COMPUTE_HOST are.

If I leave them both blank then my fcm_make fails and I get this error:

/apps/slurm/spool/slurmd/job7389388/slurm_script: line 64: /usr/local/bin/prg_ifort-12.0: No such file or directory
2022-07-14T11:40:52Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

Can someone please help?



Hi Ayesha:
I don’t think the suite is set up to run on JASMIN. The ifort path that your error message is complaining about is not specific to JASMIN. And there are other things that need done to port this suite to JASMIN. Also, I only see BUILD_HOST referred to in meta/rose-meta.conf. I din’t see it referred to in rose-suite.conf, so maybe your suite is different than the u-as560 in the MOSRS.